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Panhandling Girl Story

The Panhandling Girl Story The Panhandling Girl Story was a comment to a post made in 2009 on Reddit about a 15 year old girl panhandling with a few month old baby in her arms in Vancouver. It was voted Reddit Comment of the Year 2009 and got a Reddit Best of 2009 award. The […]

Moved V1 SEO

Finally bit the bullet and moved V1 SEO on to new hosting. Whilst doing it I also removed about 80% of old posts and moved the WordPress powered part of it from the /11/ directory to the /15/ directory. Still undecided what to do with the site, but may remove a bit more content so […]

Online Booze Calculator Hacked by Katie Hopkins Fan Club

It was previously reported that the Sim64 Online Booze Calculator was giving inaccurate results and reporting false positives. We are pleased to report that after thorough investigations it appears that all the members of the Katie Hopkins fan club had been conspiring to corrupt the data to paint Katie in a better light. Both members […]

Holiday Cottage Stourton Cherington Warwickshire

The refurbishment work at The White Cottage is now as good as complete and will soon be available as a Holiday Cottage. We’ve spent the past 6 months completely renovating the cottage including; new kitchen, new bathroom, new heating system, re-decorating, new carpets and furnishings. Ideally situated in the delightful South Warwickshire village of Stourton […]

2 bedroom Cotswold Holiday Cottage

Gerald Duck is pleased to announce that refurbishment work on The White Cottage is nearing completion and the cottage will soon be made available as a Cotswold Holiday Cottage. The White Cottage is a 2/3 bedroom detached cottage constructed from local Cotswold stone, old handmade bricks under a welsh slate roof. Cottage completely refurbished in […]

Lightweight modular wheelchair ramps for domestic use

These ramps come in 1.2m and 600mm modular units that can quickly be bolted together to create the length of ramp you require. Also available are 1.2m square adjustable height platforms and optional single or double handrails. available now from

TowBar Fitters Birmingham

TowBar Fitters Birmingham 135-137 Icknield Port Road, Ladywood, Birmingham. B16 0BJ Tel: 0121 456 1516 Web: Your Local Towbar Fitters in Birmingham

Whistleblowing Google+ Hacks

Whistleblower knows a trick or 2 about Google+ vxrem99 Whistleblowing Google+ Hacks Whistleblower exposes the latest Google+ Hacks Gerald Duck finds out just what makes whistlblower tick and why he has made it is public duty to expose Google+ Hacks and Hoogle+ Black Hat Tricks Whistleblower knows a trick or 2 about Google+ vxrem99 August […]

Latest 100 Posts on Google+ by Terry Simmonds […]

Test 30 in a series of Google Authorship tests

This test page is a follow on from a very similar page to see if it produces the same results. Watch this space for information and findings. Feel free to comment if you would like more information.

Google Authorship Abuse and Google+ Abuse Matt Cutts Talks Out

Gerald Duck let it slip earlier today that Google Authorship Abuse and Google+ Abuse could be making the headlines soon. As cryptic as ever Gerald would say no more other than watch out for an announcement by Matt Cutts.

Matt Cutts hints that Author Rank could become a ranking factor soon

Google cat lover Matt Cutts revealed to Gerald Duck that trusted authorities may rank higher in Google results. Is this a sign that Author Rank is imminent or just Cutts mentioning the blatantly obvious? Identifying Google primary authority and contributing authorities Google delegated authority evaluation system  

Katzing [kat-zing]: The legitimate art of manipulating Google Authorship to improve your Google Author Rank

Gerald Duck now provides a range of Katzing Training programmes devised to help you improve your Google Author Rank. Katzing [kat-zing]: The legitimate art of manipulating Google Authorship to improve your Google Author Rank, is set to become the new SEO as more and more SEO experts see the implications of Social networking, personalization, Authorship […]

Matt Cutts says Penguin 2.0 is coming in the next few weeks

Matt Cutts says Penguin 2.0 is coming in the next few weeks Matt Cutts says Penguin 2.0 is coming in the next few weeks

SEO to be Regulated by Gerald Duck SEO Regulator

5th May 2013 For immediate release SEO Has A New Regulator – Gerald Duck Appointed SEO Industry Regulator. Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire, UK Gerald Duck has proclaimed himself head of the new SEO Regulation body GDSEORB from immediate effect. Gerald Duck’s primary role is to act as an intermediate arbitrator between SEO Companies and clients and to provide impartial […]



Gerald Duck SEO List

SEO Things to do this week. Tidy up, remove the forum, update WordPress. Categorise better, create new pages, move posts around, write more posts. Revamp add some content to the static Warwickshire Tradesmen Directory section, add new menus, navigation and pages to Nicke Marketing blog. Give the SEO section of sim64 a […]

The Fun Side of SEO

Every now and then Gerald Duck reminisces about what he says were the good old days of SEO when SEO’s actually did SEO rather than just outsource link building, guest blogging, article writing and link building. He’s often said how SEO used to be fun and like a game of whits coming up with new […]

Google Author Rank and Pearson Correlation Coefficient

Will Google use Pearson Product Moment Correlation to grade authors when using Author Rank? Will a group of positive r’s interacting lead to higher positive Correlation and influence Author Rank?

Pantless Weasel

Are you a Pantless Weasel or just an accomplice?

How To Set Up Google+ Business Pages

Gerald Duck helped set up the Google+ Business Pages for and The V1 SEO page can be found here – V1 SEO Google+ The UK Small Business Directory here – UK Small Business Directory Google+ Gerald Duck have written an instruction sheet on How To Set Up Google+ Business Pages which will be […]

Photo of a Duck New Stairlift Reviews Website

I thought someone was dropping hints when I heard them talking to Gerald Duck about Stairlift Reviews  he’s not as nimble on his feet as he used to be and is constantly moaning about his poor old knees. It turned out to be a new little V1 Sites project though and was another 10 page […]

Disability News Updated

Following on from last weeks task of updating our Access Consultants website, next I will be updating the Disability News section on This started of as just a little blog attached to the site but over the coming months we hope to use it more for posting articles about disability issues and disability news. When […]

Travellers invited to set up camp on Llyn Maelog village green

In an unexpected show of kindness to the travelling community Llanfaelog Community Council has indicated that all travellers are welcome to set up camp on Llyn Maelog village green. Llyn Maelog near Rhosneigr on Anglesey North Wales is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Local resident M Boyce says; “The travellers are quite welcome to […]

Offline Advertising Using Car Number Plates – V1 SEO

As more and more small business owners are becoming aware of the acronym SEO, Gerald Duck suggested putting a personalised number plate on a flash red car and parking it in a local business centre for all to see. We also attached a windscreen sticker showing the full URL

Taming The Panda – How to solve Google Panda problems

Taming the panda is a new service provided by Gerald Duck specifically devised for small business owners who have suffered as a result of the latest Google update commonly referred to as the Google Panda update. The Google Panda update first started in the USA around February / March 2011 and was rolled out to […]

Internet Marketing Experts in Warwickshire

Gerald Duck is creating a list of the top 10 Internet Marketing Experts in Warwickshire, if you are an internet marketing expert and think you deserve to appear in The Gerald Duck Top 10 Internet Marketing Experts in Warwickshire list please contact Gerald now. The Masked SEO – Search Engine Optimisation Specialst.

Part Time SEO Work Available

For about 18 months now Gerald Duck has been turning SEO work away on a weekly basis. This will soon be changing as we will be looking for someone to provide Part Time SEO Work

How Much Does SEO Cost

I’ve seen numerous posts in forums asking how much a good SEO charges and answers have varied from around £10.00 per hour up to £150.00 per hour. The lower figure is usually just a one man band, new to the industry, working from home with no overheads. The higher figure is usually from a bigger […]

What do website marketing experts do

Judging by the ammount of emails I get from website marketing experts I assume it is just a phrase that is banded about with the intention of impressing me. It got me thinking though, just what do website marketing experts do? I assume a website marketing expert combines SEO, PPC, website design, brand awareness etc. […]

Is Gerald Duck an Internet Marketing Expert

I was once asked why Gerald Duck is referred to as a Website Marketing Expert rather than an Internet Marketing Expert When I asked Gerald the same question his reply was “How many times did Red Rum win the Derby”

Wheelchair Ramps For Sale

Phrase Pages is using Wheelchair Ramps For Sale as one of the demonstration phrases to test out a new concept on online advertising. Gerald Duck selected the phrase after seeing an advert in a local magazine for mobility equipment.

Phrase Pages – Unique Pages for Unique Phrases

Phrase Pages is a new Online Advertising system developed by the SEO Experts over at V1 SEO Phrase Pages allows small business owners to select a unique phrase related to their products/services and have a unique page set up to drive targeted traffic to their own website. Still at the early stages of development Gerald Duck […]

Contract hire improves business cash flow

Leasing has developed into a extremely popular in the UK with many organizations who repeatedly require new vehicles for their employees in order to develop  their businesses without any sizeable outlay. This type of financing works well for companies , becuase there is no reason to wait to accumulate enough funds to buy a car  […]

Why use car leasing

Sometimes businesses choose car leasing to place new personnel into cars as they discovered that it is more economical than purchasing one. Leasing takes away the risk of automobile depreciation and the inconvenience of waiting to acquire the necessary cash to buy a new car. This is the main reason why leasing has become a […]

What is SEO to the man in the street ?

Most people in marketing and advertising know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation or Search Engine Optimiser. As a little test though Gerald sent me out to ask 30 people in the street if they know what SEO meant. The result was very surprising to me, of those 30 people asked, not a single one […]

New V1 SEO Button

V1SEO button attracts more attention than a simple text link. Gerald Duck explains why the social networking button is seen by some as a modern day wooden horse.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Following on from Gerald’s earlier demonstation of fake business reviews Chapter 11 of Don’t Duck the Question takes a look at Word of Mouth Marketing. Gerald explains that it’s not only what is being said that is important, but also  who is saying it. Gerald uses the Sony Walkman as an example and stresses how important […]

Fake Business Reviews

Gerald once asked me to write a number of reviews about imaginary businesses providing  imaginary services. This is going back over 2 years so you can imagine my surprise when  I was sent a link to a business reviews website and there in front of my eyes was one of my reviews. I confronted Gerald about […]

PPC Specialists – The more you pay the better

Gerald Duck often receives cold calls from companies guaranteeing him top 10 google rankings within 24hrs. These callers are often so called PPC specialists who are efectively just acting as resellers for Google Adwords. Most of these callers are just using the naivity of small business owners and offering low monthly fees based on specific keywords. […]

Marketing a Christmas Turkey Business

The advantages of a Christmas Turkey Business is that you can plan in advance. In  chapter 8 of Don’t Duck the Question Gerald Duck looks at how you can manipulate a Chrismas Turkey Business Plan to your advantage. He explains how scheduled events can be specifically marketed in ways other business plans can’t.

24 month Contract Hire Deals

Gerald Duck says first impressions count. Although it is slightly sad, businessmen are still judged by the clothes they wear and the cars they drive. Anyone who knows Gerald will tell you he is always immaculately dressed and seldom seen in a car more than 2 years old. When asked how he does this Gerald […]

Top 10 Article Writing Tips

Write articles about subjects you are interested in. Write for readers, not for search engines. Think carefully about the titles of your articles. Try to write your articles in similar styles. Always sign of your articles or ensure you are attributed as the author. Don’t be tempted to spin your articles too many times. Ensure […]

Writing about nothing

It’s 23:51 on a Tuesday night and  Gerald has just told me to sit and write about whatever comes in to my head, he said not to correct any spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes, grammar mistakes and not to go back and read what I have written to correct anyuthing. Basically, I am to just sit […]

Website Marketing Expert What does it mean?

Ask Gerald Duck what is meant by the phrase website marketing expert and you may be surprised by the answer. Chapter 11 of Don’t Duck the Question looks at a number of website marketing experts and asks the question What is a website marketing expert?

Top 10 Online Marketing Tips

In Chapter 10 of Don’t Duck the Question Gerald lists his top 10 online marketing tips for new campaigns. Gerald also talks about direct marketing and subliminal marketing. We also hear for the first time how Gerald exploited the early days of the internet to feather his nest.

You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince

Gerald Duck knows a good thing when he sees it – do you? Gerald isn’t ashamed to say that in the past he kissed many a frog. Make no sense to you? – read chapter 9 of Dont Duck the Question to discover why Gerald hasn’t kissed a frog in over 40 years.

Selling Below Market Value

“There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man’s lawful prey” – John Ruskin In chapter 8 of Don’t Duck the Question Gerald Duck looks at price comparison websites and how service may be going downhill […]

Trust is a 5 letter word

Put your hand out, spread your fingers wide, what do you see? Gerald Duck sees Trust Discover how you too can see what others are missing. Chapter 6 of Don’t Duck the Question looks at subliminal marketing with Gerald sharing the secrets of the emperor’s new clothes and talking about sheep and wolves.