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2 bedroom Cotswold Holiday Cottage Sleeps 6

Gerald Duck is pleased to announce that refurbishment work on The White Cottage is nearing completion and the cottage will soon be made available as a Cotswold Holiday Cottage.

The White Cottage is a 2/3 bedroom detached cottage constructed from local Cotswold stone, old handmade bricks under a welsh slate roof.

Cottage completely refurbished in 2014

All rooms are furnished to a comfortable standard.

2 double bedrooms (plus extra bedroom space for 2 in lounge)


Intensive Driving Courses Warwickshire

Gerald Duck updated an old website today which provides information about Intensive Driving Courses in Warwickshire

It all came about after Gerald had a chat with a local driving instructor about how he missed out on a lot of business because he obviously couldn’t answer the phone when providing driving lessons.

Gerald suggested a simple little website with a call back form and a separate phone number that could be answered on behalf of the instructor when he was not available to take calls.

The main website was set up at Intensive Driving Courses – Midlands Area and a Goole+ Page was also set up –

Intensive Driving Courses Stratford-upon-Avon

New Stairlift Reviews Website

I thought someone was dropping hints when I heard them talking to Gerald Duck about Stairlift Reviews  he’s not as nimble on his feet as he used to be and is constantly moaning about his poor old knees.

It turned out to be a new little V1 Sites project though and was another 10 page mini site which has been set up to target the phrases,

Stairlift Reviews

Gerald says it is more of an experiment really and not something we will be putting much time or resources in to.



Ready Made Beehives For Sale

The first thing I have to say is, Ducks and Bees don’t go together very well!

Whether this is equally true in the natural world or not I don’t really know,  but in Gerald Ducks case it certainly is.

This is why I had to have a little snigger when Gerald Duck was approached by a Warwickshire Beekeeper who wanted help with the marketing of Ready Made Bee hives

I couldn’t contain that little snigger any longer when it was suggested to Gerald Duck that the local beekeeper could pay for Geralds marketing services in Local Honey.

I had to make my excuses and leave the room.

Much to my surprise though, after composing myself and  returning to the room I heard it said that Gerald Duck would be quite happy to support the local beekeeper and would help with the promotion of South Warwickshire Beehives

On one condition said Gerald, you lose the Cockerel image and replace it with a Duck!