Moved V1 SEO

Finally bit the bullet and moved V1 SEO on to new hosting. Whilst doing it I also removed about 80% of old posts and moved the WordPress powered part of it from the /11/ directory to the /15/ directory. Still undecided what to do with the site, but may remove a bit more content so […]

Matt Cutts hints that Author Rank could become a ranking factor soon

Google cat lover Matt Cutts revealed to Gerald Duck that trusted authorities may rank higher in Google results. Is this a sign that Author Rank is imminent or just Cutts mentioning the blatantly obvious? Identifying Google primary authority and contributing authorities Google delegated authority evaluation system  

SEO to be Regulated by Gerald Duck SEO Regulator

5th May 2013 For immediate release SEO Has A New Regulator – Gerald Duck Appointed SEO Industry Regulator. Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire, UK Gerald Duck has proclaimed himself head of the new SEO Regulation body GDSEORB from immediate effect. Gerald Duck’s primary role is to act as an intermediate arbitrator between SEO Companies and clients and to provide impartial […]

Top 10 SEO Tips 2013

– The busty bra technique – Lift and separate: If you are going to interlink multiple websites be very careful about lifting and separating and don’t take shortcuts by lifting content from money sites and spreading it too thinly over feeder sites. – Virgin Snow: Remember that it is easy to find footprints in virgin […]

The Fun Side of SEO

Every now and then Gerald Duck reminisces about what he says were the good old days of SEO when SEO’s actually did SEO rather than just outsource link building, guest blogging, article writing and link building. He’s often said how SEO used to be fun and like a game of whits coming up with new […]

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