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How do you find your Google author rank

A question Gerald Duck hears a lot is “how do you find your Google author rank” Simple says Gerald, just enter your 21 digit Google+ ID number in to the sim64 Google Author Rank Checker Google+ ID Number: Sim64 Google Author Rank Checker  

Is Gerald Duck the most popular person on Google+ in the UK

Gerald Duck has entered the top 10 Google+ Personalities of 2013 at position 4 With none of the top 3 being UK citizens we are assuming that Gerald Duck is the most popular person on Google+ in the UK unless off course anyone knows different? Why is Gerald Duck so popular on Google+ Gerald Duck Google Authorship […]

Test 30 in a series of Google Authorship tests

This test page is a follow on from a very similar page to see if it produces the same results. Watch this space for information and findings. Feel free to comment if you would like more information.

Why Google Authorship photo is no longer showing

Gerald Duck has heard rumours that Google are stamping down on Google Authorship abuse and removing Google Authorship photos from the Google results pages. If your Google Authorship photo is no longer showing in the Google results first check that your Authorship is set up correctly using the Google Structured Data Testing Tool. If the Google Structured Data […]

Gerald Duck Triggers Google Alert for Author Rank

Google Author Rank expert Gerald Duck was recently selected to appear in Google Alert for the phrase Author Rank. The Google Alert refered to the press release regarding Gerald Duck being announced as the official author rank adjudicator for and On a side note, Gerald Duck has also redesigned the sim64 Google Author […]

Gerald Duck Predicts Your Google Author Rank to 6 within points

The new Google Author Rank Adjudicator Gerald Duck has amazed an independent panel of Author Rank experts by predicting the Google Author Rank score of 100 top Google+ regulars to within 6 points. Asked how he gets the Author Rank scores so accurate Gerald hinted at an as yet unpublished Author Rank algorithm that he claims […]

Gerald Duck Appointed Google Author Rank Adjudicator

Gerald Duck has been appointed as the official Author Rank adjudicator for all articles posted on and To receive your Author Rank score please enter your Google+ Id number below. Google+ ID Number:      

Google+ Widgets

Gerald Duck says grab your Google+ Widgets now. If you use Google+ and want to integrate your Google+ activity and content on to your website there is no better way than using the Google+ Widgets as demonstrated on V1 SEO  

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