Gerald Duck often receives cold calls from companies guaranteeing him top 10 google rankings within 24hrs.

These callers are often so called PPC specialists who are efectively just acting as resellers for Google Adwords.

Most of these callers are just using the naivity of small business owners and offering low monthly fees based on specific keywords.

The thought of being on the first page of google for a certain keyword for just £99 a month appeals to the naive business owner, but what he doesn’t realise is that the whole reason these so called ppc specialists are only charging £99 is because they know the ad won’t get clicked on and the way they make their money is by charging £99 for something which they probably pay less than £10 for.

The next time one of these peope phones and says it is only £99 tell them sorry, that isn’t enough, when they query this you tell them it’s because you want expensive keywords which give a good ROI.

Let’s face it, if a keyword is giving you a 10% ROI why on earth would you only want to spend £99 on it?

Once you are getting a good ROI the more you pay on PPC the better.

Written by: tj