Writing about nothing

It’s 23:51 on a Tuesday night and  Gerald has just told me to sit and write about whatever comes in to my head, he said not to correct any spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes, grammar mistakes and not to go back and read what I have written to correct anyuthing. Basically, I am to just sit here and write for 20 minutes and then post.

Gerald says one of the secrets of article writing is just to let it flow naturally and not spend too long analising what you are writing, he says there is a time and a place for writing good copy and that by just going with the flow now it will aid to help good direct marketing copy in the future.

Just before Gerald left the room he gave me a subject to write about in a sealed envelope and instructed me to open it at Midnight and write an article about the subject.

It’s now midnight and after opening the envelope the subject is “Custard Tarts”

Looking back now I can’t really remember having custard tarts as a kid, I definately remember custard out of a tin, preferably cold as I used to hate it when it was to runny, I also remember the pink custard we used to have at primary school, usually with chocolate flake cakes.

I also remember the trifles my mum used to make using those funny finger biscuit things which were first soaked in juice then covered with jelly, custard, cream and mixed fruit (tinned mandarins were my favourite)

I should think I must have been in my early to mid 20’s before having a custard tart though and that was because they were a favourite of a girl I was with at the time. We went out for the day and stopped of at a shop somewhere in the cotswolds (probably Broadway or Bourton on the Water) to get some food for a little picnic.

I’m more in to savoury stuff so got a couple of scotch eggs, some chicken wingsand a couple of ready made sandwhices, but she got a pack of custard tarts, they were the little round ones, same size as jam tarts but deeper.

I remember the pastry didn’t really look cooked properly and the custard looked as though the top was burnt, I didn’t like the look of them but we got them anyway.

Later on we sat to have a bite to eat on some grass in the centre of Bourton (near birdland) and after finishing of the bits of chicken sandwiches and other nic naks she got the custard tarts out.

It looked all squidgy to me and the texture of the custard was rubbery, the pastry was a bit damp too and tasted how it looked , undercooked.

Mmm… custard tarts have always been my favourie she said as she was half way through hers, and I said yeah me too, haven’t had one for ages though. (no idea why, it was the first one I had ever had)

That must have been about 30 years ago, and since that day I’ve probably had 5 custard tarts maximum, and that’s only bacause other people have given them to me.

Really strange how just mentioning custard tarts brings back memories of that day.

Maybe that’s the whole ide of Geralds little experiment?

I shall find out tomorrow.

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