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Finally got round to tidying up the Portable Wheelchair Ramps section on our ramps website this week.

Our ramps site has always been a bit of a mess due to the fact it was originally started back in 2002 and is a right mixture of different systems/styles/formats.

There still isn’t a universal theme going through the site, but at least the pages are similar enough now that it doesn’t matter that much.

The layout on the portable wheelchair ramps is nice and responsive, but not as quick as the homepage as it still uses some scripts to control the navigation menu.

It also uses render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content but this can’t really be helped.

Portable Wheelchair Ramps Gradient Calculator

Whilst tidying the page up I also added a Wheelchair Ramp Gradient Calculator to it so people can work out the length required when buying Portable Wheelchair Ramps.

Portable Wheelchair Ramps Advice

Although the page has a Ramp Gradient Calculator and a number of ramp examples displayed, it is still there predominately to get people to ring for advice on ramps before buying.

Portable wheelchair ramp

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