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Do you own a holiday cottage in Warwickshire and are looking for a free or cheap way to advertise your cottage?

Gerald Duck Holiday Cottages in Warwickshire provides a way for independent cottage owners advertise their cottages online.

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Gerald Duck is a very simple system which isn’t designed to take bookings, isn’t designed to take your potential web traffic, but is designed to just provide very basic information about your cottage and then direct people to your website to find the full information.

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The White Cottage, Stourton, Warwickshire

Holiday Cottages in Warwickshire2 Bedroom Holiday Cottage set in beautiful South Warwickshire countryside on the edge of the Cotswolds and just 20 minutes from Stratford-upon-Avon.

Ideally situated in the delightful South Warwickshire village of Stourton Cherington on the edge of the Cotswold, The White Cottage is a 2/3 bedroom detached cottage constructed from local Cotswold stone, old handmade bricks under a welsh slate roof.

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