SEO to be Regulated by Gerald Duck SEO Regulator

5th May 2021

For immediate release

SEO Has A New Regulator – Gerald Duck Appointed SEO Industry Regulator.

Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire, UK

Gerald Duck has proclaimed himself head of the new SEO Regulation body GDSEORB from immediate effect.

Gerald Duck’s primary role is to act as an intermediate arbitrator between SEO Companies and clients and to provide impartial opinion on whether or not the SEO company has abused the Google Webmaster Guidelines in a way that has had a detrimental effect on the clients website.

Gerald’s first task will be to draw up SEO guidelines and SEO fact sheets that all clients of SEO companies should be made aware of before ay SEO work is undertaken.

The GDSEORB will also provide a whitelist of SEO companies who sign up to be regulated by the new regulation body and will provide an independent review system to help potential clients decide on engagement.

When asked if this was just another toothless, self regulatory, quango? Gerald Duck replied

“Ducks don’t have sharp teeth and look at how they rule the roost”

Any SEO companies wishing to apply to join the GDSEORB must first demonsrate Grade A+ SEO Skills, must provide 3 customer testimonials and must complete an SEO appraisal of a 5 page set up site and identify a minimum of 95% of fundamental SEO errors.

To request your GDSEORB application form please contact Gerald Duck.

Special Offer: Join the GDSEORB before the end of July 2013 and apply for founder member status.


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