Test 30 in a series of Google Authorship tests

This test page http://www.sim64.co.uk/shared/30.php is a follow on from a very similar page to see if it produces the same results. Watch this space for information and findings. Feel free to comment if you would like more information.

Wheelchair ramps website revamped

We soon have to make a decision about whether to just give our wheelchair ramps website a little tweak or give it a complete revamp. It’s over 10 years old now, has seen a few changes over the years, but … Continue reading

Gerald Duck SEO List

SEO Things to do this week. Tidy up www.podline.co.uk, remove the forum, update WordPress. Categorise www.toomuchtimeonmyhands.co.uk better, create new pages, move posts around, write more posts. Revamp www.nrac.co.uk add some content to the static Warwickshire Tradesmen Directory section, add new … Continue reading

Disability News Updated

Following on from last weeks task of updating our Access Consultants website, next I will be updating the Disability News section on www.wheelchair-ramps.co.uk/ This started of as just a little blog attached to the site but over the coming months … Continue reading

Access Consultants Directory

Gerald gave me the task of updating our Access Consultants Directory over the weekend. It was just a static HTML site but Gerald said he wanted it converted so that it would run on WordPress. The first think I did … Continue reading