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Panhandling Girl Story

The Panhandling Girl Story was a comment to a post made in 2009 on Reddit about a 15 year old girl panhandling with a few month old baby in her arms in Vancouver. It was voted Reddit Comment of the Year 2009 and got a Reddit Best of 2009 award. The comment was by Reddit […]

Online Booze Calculator Hacked by Katie Hopkins Fan Club

It was previously reported that the Sim64 Online Booze Calculator was giving inaccurate results and reporting false positives. We are pleased to report that after thorough investigations it appears that all the members of the Katie Hopkins fan club had been conspiring to corrupt the data to paint Katie in a better light. Both members […]

Holiday Cottage Stourton Cherington Warwickshire

The refurbishment work at The White Cottage is now as good as complete and will soon be available as a Holiday Cottage. We’ve spent the past 6 months completely renovating the cottage including; new kitchen, new bathroom, new heating system, re-decorating, new carpets and furnishings. Ideally situated in the delightful South Warwickshire village of Stourton […]

#lefthandersday goes left for Left Handers Day #lefthandersday August 12, 2014 Terry Simmonds 

Lightweight modular wheelchair ramps for domestic use

These ramps come in 1.2m and 600mm modular units that can quickly be bolted together to create the length of ramp you require. Also available are 1.2m square adjustable height platforms and optional single or double handrails. available now from

Whistleblowing Google+ Hacks

Whistleblower knows a trick or 2 about Google+ vxrem99 Whistleblowing Google+ Hacks Whistleblower exposes the latest Google+ Hacks Gerald Duck finds out just what makes whistlblower tick and why he has made it is public duty to expose Google+ Hacks and Hoogle+ Black Hat Tricks Whistleblower knows a trick or 2 about Google+ vxrem99 August […]

Stainless Steel Roasting Tin for Ducks

Stainless Steel Roasting Tin for 3 Ducks We Compare Stainless Steel Roasting Tins big enough for 3 Ducks This is an article about a Stainless Steel Roasting Tin big enough for 3 Ducks In this article we will look at a number of Stainless Steel Roasting Tin and provide information on what we consider to […]

Gerald Duck likes his wine stored correctly

Gerald Duck like his wine to be stored in the right sort of way. Back in the county house he has a blue lias stone wine cellar that keeps his wine at just the right temperature and just the right humidity. When in the city Gerald relies on a couple of Tnranstherm Wine Coolers that replicate those […]

Test 30 in a series of Google Authorship tests

This test page is a follow on from a very similar page to see if it produces the same results. Watch this space for information and findings. Feel free to comment if you would like more information.