The Gerald Duck Article Rating System

As Gerald Duck has recently been announced moderator of numerous Article Sites we have devised a new Rating system called the GDRS (Gerald Duck Rating System) and will be awarding Ducks based on the quality of the article.

The Maximum number of ducks attainable is 5 with ducks being lost for lack of quality and lack of uniqueness.

5 Ducks are rarely awarded and will tend to only be awarded if a unique article is written especially for just one site.

4 Ducks signifies either a very good unique article or an excellent article that has previously been published elsewhere.

3 Ducks signifies a very good article

2 Ducks signifies a good article not overly published

1 Duck signifies either a good article that has previously been published on a number of other websites or an average article that has not been overly published

Demonstration of the GDRS

This article has received 3 Ducks – Gerald Duck

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